22 Best Marriage Advice for Newlyweds You Can't Afford to Ignore

by - 3/10/2017 12:40:00 am

22 Best Marriage Advice for Newlyweds You Can't Afford to Ignore

When the wedding is over, visitors entertained, gifts received and replies made, you’re left alone with your spouse to face the reality of marriage. Every other person stays aside watching to see your marriage unfold. I want to give you some marriage advice which will guide you to swing into action when the honeymoon is over. They are guaranteed to strengthen your marriage and help you to gain insight into marriage for a lovely, lifelong togetherness.

1.   The word ‘love’ implies action, and so you should show your love to your by action and not mere utterance.
2.   Feel free to argue but let it not be against each other but both of you versus the problem.
3.   Continue flirting with, and dating your spouse.
4.   Never starve your partner of sex as a means of punishment
5.   Communicate, dialogue, and talk as much as possible
6.   Do not wash your dirty linens in public – settle issues between yourselves unless in extreme cases.
7.   Let the world see you both as world best friends
8.   Marriage doesn’t entitle you to everything your spouse gives to you; learn always to be grateful, just a ‘thank you’ will suffice at times.
9.   Always look out for the positive side of your spouse and encourage it.
10.              Be always concerned about the need of your spouse; don’t be self-centred no matter what you get in return.
11.              Keep on getting to know your spouse.
12.              Don’t be rigid, learn when to compromise and let peace reign.
13.              Don’t think you should always be at the receiving end, no matter the strength of your income, learn to give.
14.              Plan your budget together, and have a joint account if possible, for the financial running of the home.
15.              Don’t try to change your spouse into your ideal person since most of your judgments are subjective.
16.              Before having children, have a healthy family planning together.
17.              No matter how much gifts you lavish on your spouse, know that your company and listening ear are the most precious gifts.
18.              Be fair in divvying up chores between yourselves.
19.              Communicate your feelings and not your thought. Love is not logical.
20.              Always look amazing for your spouse.
21.              Respect your spouse both at home and in the public.
22.              Create a connection with your spouse and not a control.

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