4 Reasons to Teach Sex Education at Home

by - 3/11/2017 05:34:00 pm

4 Reasons to Teach Sex Education at Home

Sex education is becoming a very critical issue in the Nigerian society. The problem with sex education, however, has a lot to do with diverse views and orientations with regard to teaching sexuality to children at what some consider a very tender age. Some have advocated against it saying that it such heinous idea stems from a Western influence and called it ‘non-Africa’. This comes from the idea that our 'African nature' does not permit us to mention some parts of the body or human activities we consider sacred e.g. sex and genitalia.

It may sound very loose to call these things in their English expression but when they are brought near to our indigenous languages, the African person sees it as abnormal and utterly unacceptable to mention them let alone mentioning them to kids. I could remember how my elder sister looked at me when I tried to inquire about the process of 'making babies.'
However, statistics and studies have shown that the cyberspace has made this knowledge easily accessible to children so much so that they just need their handy to access the most sacred and intimate union that leads to pregnancy, popularly termed ‘pornography'. Could it be that most children fell into pornography because of the laxity of parents to disclose these things in a more parental manner? In this post, I will like to state some reasons why we should start teaching sex education at home.

Reason 1: Sex is no more a clandestine phenomenon

You may be the most deceived of parents to think that your adolescent child has no idea of sex is all about unless such a child is mentally deranged. No matter how much you protect them, they have there ways of filtering answers from the society e.g. internet, friends, peers, books, name them. Unfortunately, most of these media do not do any good to the psychological maturity of the consumer and as such your child is at the risk of consuming uncensored garbage. Isn’t it better that you do this yourself, knowing well the level of your child’s development?

Reason 2: Every healthy child has natural inquisitiveness to sex

When a child enters adolescence, with the different changes and developments s/he experiences, it is very natural that s/he start asking questions concerning those changes. Don’t think that your child is draining down to immoral if s/he start asking some of these questions, they are natural. Mind you, no matter how much you scold them, they will never stop searching for answers. So, I will not advise you to leave her at the mercy of some external factors that are readily waiting to give the answers to them.

Reason 3: it is the moment you communicate your family values

When your teenage child comes up with this issue, don’t give him cold shoulder, see it as an opportunity to communicate with the child concerning the values of the family with regard to sex and sexuality. For instance, this is the moment you tell your child that your family believes in sex only after marriage. If this doesn’t come up, your child will remain ignorant of these things and your precious family values may be lost to your generation.

Reason 4: Give your child a matured outlook towards sex

 It is no news that some adults have this distorted outlook towards sex. It's such a shame that some ladies consider their bodies as assets to get whatever they want. This has a lot to do with the negligence on the part of parents to tell their children about the dignity of their body. Sex education grants parents this opportunity to communicate the right moral and outlook towards sex. They should neither fear sex as something vile nor take it as child’s play.

Sex education is very crucial in our society that is seriously facing great moral decadent. There is no way we can solve this other than grass-root education which boils down to parents in the families. Raise a child with moral rectitude and enjoy a lifetime of happiness. What is your opinion about this? Do you have any reason for or against teaching sex education at home?  

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