Evergreen Parental Advice for New Parents

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Evergreen Parental Advice for New Parents
Let parents bequeath to their children, not riches but the spirit of reverence_ Plato.

Parenting is a noble art any matured person can engage in. It has its joys and pains but those are what make it all fun and enriching. There is always a joy that accompanies this noble vocation, unlike some other vocation. After marriage, the next stage you’re expected to ascend is that of a parent. Sometimes this comes so sudden to people that they almost do not know where to start from. Here we want to help these new parents with some parental advice. Below are few collections of parental advice for new parents and we hope it will be worth your invaluable time.

 Take care of Yourself first

Sometimes the task of taking care of a new born baby can be overwhelmingly frustrating resulting to serious stress and fatigue. An unhealthy parent can never parent healthily. Find out time to rest and take care of yourself. Take your bath and eat well. Know very well that your baby needs a lot from you which include good health and stable mind. However, don’t overindulge in this. You should know the limit of time you give to yourself. Look nice, neat and healthy. Remember, children learn from what they see.

Remember your spouse

Don’t think that your partner should always understand and endure your absence. This goes especially to women who feel that the only attention should be to the baby. Remember that after birth you now have two babies – the big baby and the small baby. Take care of both to avoid jealousy.  

Regular medical check-ups

It is something pathetic that some parents prefer to wait until they feel the temperature of their child rising or when the child starts showing symptoms of ‘malaria’ (as they normally presume) before they can reach out to their doctor. You should have a routine medical check-up on your child. Be able to know her health status and always be attentive to what she eats and how she eats. Help your child to stay healthy.

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Trust your instinct

Normally, after giving birth to your first child, you will get lots of advice, information and encouragements from well-meaning family members, friends and even strangers. People come around to tell you how to do this and that. Trying to put to practice all these well-intentioned parental advice may be crushing at times since they sometimes contradict. What you should never neglect is your instinct, let it guide you. Trust your inner self and obey your instinct.

Learn by doing

Parenting is an art, you learn by practising. Some, if not all, animals have natural instinct to care for their young and so do human. You can only be a good parent if you keep parenting, failing and correcting your mistakes. Remember, there is no perfect parent. Every parent has his/her own flaws and strength, so don’t be afraid to make the mistake.

Be a happy parent

No matter what, don’t show your child that she is a burden unto you. Some parents don’t normally appear happy in the public with their kids. They always make a face like God is punishing them with these stubborn kids. Be a happy parent and understand that your kid doesn’t have the same experience and knowledge as you do. When you understand you kid in this way, you will be able to tolerate and not to expect too much from them.

Don’t judge but correct

Don’t give your child the impressions that you’re a judge. Yes, it is quite alright to discipline and correct a child when she errs but not through judgement for judgement means condemnation. Rather, correct by righting the wrong instead of evaluating the wrong.

Do you have more parental advice for new parents? What strategy works for you? How can you help new parents based on your wealth of parental experience? We would love to hear from you.

God bless you home!  

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